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Tim Collom’s vibrant, color rich canvases celebrate his love affair with the iconic beauty of California. Among many areas of the state, his work draws inspiration from Lake Tahoe, Carmel, the Bay Area, the Central Valley, and his hometown of Sacramento. Tim’s paintings capture the energy of places and people he has experienced throughout the golden state.

A California native, Tim grew up in Redwood City before traveling south to attend California State University, Long Beach. In 2000, he moved to Sacramento for what he thought would be only one year. But he never left, and has since put down deep roots within the Sacramento community. Tim found success as an artist via an unlikely path, first as one of the Sacramento region’s most successful realtors. His artistic career began as humble hobby and a pure love of painting. Over the past decade, interest among collectors and fans alike has propelled him to wide popularity. Today, Tim is a beloved artist in the Sacramento region.

Found in over 75 collections within California and beyond, Tim's art is often described as positive and upbeat. His subjects include landscapes, day to day life, and a wide array of animals. Tim primarily works from memory to produce his pieces, and by this technique is able to produce such bright and dream-like qualities. Much of Tim’s work is created using a “wet on wet” application of oil paint that results in rich and expressive strokes of color.

Tim is generous in his support of community and philanthropic efforts. He regularly donates paintings to a variety of organizations for fundraising auctions. And he loves working with children, regularly volunteering as a guest art instructor in classrooms across Sacramento.

You can usually find Tim working late into the night in his home studio, getting lost in his craft, or as he describes it, 

“dancing with the painting."

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