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I like to think of art as the candy sprinkles of life.  It's not a necessity, but when you add the right piece, your life becomes sweeter in an instant. And who doesn't want that?

My day begins with a big cup of coffee inside of an 80 year old tin building, I call my studio.  The studio is flanked by a redwood barn, a few sweet goats, a feral cat that doesn't know what the word feral means any longer, and is frequently visited by a number of my curious chickens.  I see this as the start of a perfect day.

My work is a combination of high fired clay and cement. The promise of these two materials are endless. The whimsy of my swimsuit girls, and playfulness of the beachballs can make for a perfect pairing next to your outdoor water feature or a surprising pop of color at your front door.  

It's been my pleasure to be able to share a little more with you.

- Cindy

For inquiries on purchasing art please contact the gallery for more information.