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Kyle Lawson lives for creativity. It doesn’t matter the medium. This time, he’s embraced the world of abstract 


In his recent series, “The Resurfacing Project,” Lawson has composed a visual balancing act between layers of color, and depth of texture. The work has all been done on pinewood panel, providing a sturdy platform for aggressive paint application. With each layer applied to (or subtracted from) the surface, a new depth of personality has been added to the entirety of the work’s composition.

Lawson’s work has a unique sense of compositional balance. The paintings are essentially able to be hung on all sides. Whatever way is up, is up to you. Each piece contains it own distinct personality as Kyle has the whole slab of wood (front, back, and side) covered with character.

For this collection, Lawson hopes to promote the concept of layering in a deeper sense: representing the way one constructs character through “layering” of experiences. Overcoming struggle brings about perseverance. Experiencing the process of perseverance builds character. In this, ultimately, strength of character radiates hope. Such is the process of “resurfacing.” A little bit at a time, layer by layer, we can all build great personal accomplishments.

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